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At Body care by I & J we are passionate about providing the best advice, treatments and products to improve …

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As Bodycare By I&J

Caring for skin is important inside and out. As well as drinking plenty of water, moisturising and exfoliating daily helps keep skin hydrated and healthy-looking. For areas that need an extra bit of attention, we have specialist products aimed at reducing stretch marks, soothing dry lips, eliminating cracked heels and more. The quality of the products we offer says it all Natural, only the best natural and whenever possible certified organic skin care products.

Our commitment to our customers is to offer skin care products that are absolutely free of harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives. Body care by I&J, we carefully look at every ingredient so you do not have to. Our level of integrity is to deliver a product that is good and healthy for you because we would not sell a product that we would not use ourselves. Shop with confidence as we guarantee our products to be natural and healthy for you and your family.

At Body care by I & J we are passionate about providing the best advice, treatments and products to improve the way you look and feel. Our focus is on providing you with the highest standards of care and the finest products to help enhance the quality and appearance of your skin and body.

We are experts in health and beauty and specialize in:  skin beautification and rejuvenation body slimming, shaping and contouring, Nutritional, dietary, skincare and wellbeing adviceto help you feel and look your best.

All our services are led by healthcare professionals, therapists and practitioners who are trained, certified and registered. Furthermore our treatments and clinical practice are overseen by highly experienced physicians and Aesthetic Medical Doctors.

Body care by I & J offers a number of Treatment Packages to provide you with a customized program of laser based treatments for rejuvenating skin, tackling troublesome and persistent Acne, improving facial structure and tone without surgery and removing unwanted hair.